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PLIT.DK specializes in Open Source technologies, which the industry now recognizes as a viable and cost-saving alternative to proprietary commercial software.

Our core outsourcing capability is systems administration, network security, firewall management, programming, and website development. Through our partnership with Philscan, we are also able to provide outsourced software development services.

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» Security Administration /
Firewall Management
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Systems Administration

We do remote system administration on Linux and Unix systems through the internet. This is done through SSH, which is a secure shell software for remote server access. Among the services we have provided are the following:
» Apache webserver installation and maintenance
» Samba File and Printserver installation and mantenance
» Back-up Systems. For smaller systems, we usually make the backup programs ourselves so that it fits well with the customer's requirements. For larger systems, it may be necessary to invest in commercial backup software which we can install and configure. We can also perform the backup and restore procedures remotely and in coordination with the client when it requires physical handling of storage media.
  Remote administration of Microsoft-based servers is also possible.
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Security Administration / Firewall Management

One of the biggest challenges in information security is the detection and response to system hacking attempts. The situation is made much worse by the fact that many companies do not share information on hacking incidents for fear of damaging their reputation. However, there are now numerous security information portals which we have access to that share the expertise needed to fight this growing threat to system security. Hence, it is now possible even for small companies to afford good security services.

For firewalls, we use Linux with its built-in firewall functionality, which provides a proven effective way of securing ones networked computer system. The software itself is free, so the only costs to securing ones network involves its installation and maintenance.

Firewalls, however, only provide a first-level of defense against all sorts of computer security threats. We also have to deal with computer viruses, trojans, and even spam emails, which can at the very least use-up all your system resources, resulting in what is called a denial-of-service attack.

» Linux Firewall installation and maintenance, continuous upgrading and patching
» Anti-Virus software installation and updating, both on the server and on the client computers
» Application Firewall setup for Microsoft Windows machines
  Remote administration of Microsoft-based servers is also possible.
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Server Programming Services

We have expertise in developing Perl, C++, and shell scripting on Linux and Unix based systems. Major projects we have done include internet applications using Perl/MySQL, a maintainance system for 100 linux computers, and an online control system whose core was written in C++ with an internet-based user interface using Java, Javascript, html, awk, Perl, cgi-bin and shell scripting.

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Website Development Services

Because of our Danish-design heritage, we are able to provide customers with high-quality and high-performance websites, either as low-cost static webpages whose contents do not change often, or as affordable dynamic pages where contents are generated in real-time by getting its data from databases.

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Customized Programming Services

Outsource your everyday, tedious programming requirements to us so you can focus on your core competencies or on the high-level systems design. We have skills in both web-based and traditional software development in numerous languages such as PHP, Coldfusion, ASP, Java, Javascript, C/C++, Visual Basic, Fortran, and Foxpro.

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Web-based Productivity Suites

We developed our own web-based project management system, OnPAS (http://www.onpas.com) which can be purchased on a lease or one-time payment basis. This system allows project teams located at different parts of the globe to work together efficiently and effectively.
Our ComPAS is the Content Management System driving all our dynamic website solutions, allowing the customers themselves to edit contents online with changes implemented immediately.

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Back Office Services

Because we have access to a very professional Philippine workforce, we can also do intensive Back Office services such as logo design, newsletters, updates and maintenance of databases and other services.

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Mobile Products

We offer mobile applications and content such as logos, ringtones, and for the newer phones, animated graphics, polyphonic ringtones, and J2ME games. We also develop and resell SMS-based services such our Wireless English Dictionary, mobile Notes, and many others, through our alliances with industry leading content developers.

For details on any of the services above, and even for those which are not listed, please send an email to sales@plit.dk. We will be more than happy to discuss your specific requirements.

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